Mobile Cyclist provides an educational and entertainment experience by producing a web-based series of episodes that follow cyclist Anthony Barr as he travels to widely known and obscure cities to share the cycling culture and communities through interviews and interactions with people in places around the world.

Join host Anthony Barr as he travels the world to bring you the best people, places and things in cycling.

Whether you’ve been cycling for years or simply want to get started, Mobile Cyclist lets you be a witness the great benefits cycling has to offer—from improving your health and well-being to seeing exceptional sights and meeting unforgettable people. Begin your adventure with Mobile Cyclist today!

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The Mobile Cyclist is a web-based television series that covers a wide variety of bicycling culture, lifestyle and travel. The show profiles everything from bike shops, destinations and events to cycling product companies, service professionals and social hot spots.

In each episode, I bring the viewer a first-hand experience of the sights and sounds that make up this amazingly diverse culture and meet the great folks who bring it all to life.

Our mission is to inspire people of all abilities and walks of life to enjoy bicycling in all of its varieties and flavors.

Do you know want to be a featured guest or sponsor, have a unique place you want to see showcased or have ideas on how to make our show better? Get involved and let Mobile Cyclist know about the adventures ahead!

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- 1 day ago

I Ride the World Famous Trexltertown Velodrome !
h J R

- 1 day ago

Well,,, it’s September 20th and it’s still beautiful outside here in the #Midwest... local ride tonight sounds...
h J R